Estrella has been the trademark of tasty high quality snacks to the delight of people for many years. This was achieved thanks to our international experience, knowledge of local market as well as to our innovative point of view, extraordinary high quality and mastery in all areas. Estrella snacks are made of the top quality products. We concentrate on taste and quality and, therefore, we carefully select and check all ingredients used in our production process to offer our consumers the products of top quality exclusively. Estrella aims to always delight its consumers with new and tasty snacks. Simple recipe and impressive taste!


We assume liability for all and any action relating to our customers, employees, business partners and business environment. We believe honesty, responsibility and proper risk management are highly important components of any business. We appreciate consumer opinion and respond to it thus developing ourselves. We resolve all emergent challenges efficiently. All of the above help us become competent in all areas of our business.